Evidence Based Interventions

An evidence-based intervention is when you understand the causes of your addiction and learn how to treat it. When you are going to treatment, things are confusing and you are worried about what happens next. The intervention shows you what went wrong and offers a way forward to deal with your substance abuse problem.
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Our approach is to use different concepts that help you to understand what is happening and how to change things for the better. Statistics show that intervention leads to you getting help with 98% of addicts going to treatment.

However, once you enter the program, the intervention continues and you want to realize the causes of your addiction. These are referred to as evidence-based interventions that build off of the reasons for entering treatment.

The idea is to understand the causes of your substance abuse problem and identify ways to fix it. Here are two of the most common interventions we use that get the best results.

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Behavioral Treatment

The behavioral approach looks at how your behavior is influencing your addiction. We move you away from abusing drugs and alcohol to avenues that let you understand the root causes of your problems.

Many times addiction is an offshoot of your attitudes from engaging inappropriate behavior that leads to your problems. Our approach is to show you how moodiness, blurting out things, negative views, impulsiveness, and a lack of control are making things worse.

We see people that have no idea how their behavior is influencing their relationships and creating bad situations in their lives. Our approach is to bring this out and teach you how your behavior is contributing to your problems.

We use behavioral treatment to demonstrate that not knowing the effects of your behavior are contributing to your addiction. You are turning to drugs and alcohol as an escape and to act out against those you feel are harming you.

A study published in World Psychiatry found that this approach is 75% effective in combating your addiction and the underlying mental issues. We use behavioral treatment to help you see the mental aspect of things and how it connects to substance abuse.

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Relapse Prevention

Going to treatment is one step towards beating your addiction. But, the reality is that you must battle the effects of it for the rest of your life. The key is learning how to prevent turning to drugs and alcohol as an escape mechanism.

Relapse prevention is when we work with you to understand those mental states and situations leading to substance abuse. We all face challenges in life and have times when we can get down on ourselves.

Relapse prevention teaches you how this contributes to addiction and what you can do to control the situation. Our focus is on giving you avenues to change your attitude and seek out support from like-minded people with similar challenges.

Studies show that understanding how relapses occur and developing mechanisms to address them increase your success rates by 87%. You learn how to deal with the mental and behavioral aspects of recovery to have a lifetime of sobriety.

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Evidence-Based Interventions Work

These are two of the evidence-based interventions we use to help you address your substance abuse issues. At Akron House Recovery, we customize these interventions toward your individual needs to get the best results. Our staff is caring and supportive to ensure you have the greatest chances of success.

If you are suffering from addiction, call us today at 888-202-4232 and see how we can help you to make positive changes. You are not alone and help is just a phone call away to get you on the road to recovery.

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