Jarrod Pyle, Licensed Counselor at Akron House Recovery.
Licensed Counselor

Jarrod Pyle

Jarrod Pyle is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor III who works with Akron House Recovery, in Akron, Ohio. Jarrod holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Services, specializing in Addictions Counseling from the University of Arizona. He specializes in providing cognitive behavioral therapies, motivational therapies, and other evidenced based treatment approaches. He enjoys utilizing mindfulness, a dialectical based approach with patients whenever possible. Jarrod has experience counseling persons struggling with substance use disorders for 7 years and he recognizes the pertinent need for an individualized approach when addressing the underlying causes of the disease. Jarrod has been training in the diagnosis and treatment of problem gambling disorder and tobacco use disorder where his passion to learn and help others continues to shine bright. Jarrod is continuing his education, studying for his master’s degree, in clinical mental health counseling, where he plans to advance his licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor and continue his work with co-occurring substance use and mental illness in years to come.