Keri Countryman, the Intake / Case Manager at Akron House Recovery
Intake/Case Manager

Keri Countryman

Keri Countryman MS, LCDCIII is a licensed professional with over 6 years of experience working with substance use disorders. Keri earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology at Youngstown State University and her master’s degree in family therapy at Nova Southeastern University. Following her own recovery journey beginning in 2016, Keri attended the University of Cincinnati to obtain the education and licensure necessary to clinically assist others who struggle with the disease of addiction. Keri has provided treatment in a variety of settings over the years to include; correctional facilities, community mental health centers, inpatient and outpatient treatment, recovery housing, and clinical SUD services. Keri is inspired by witnessing the transformation that takes place when one embraces life and fully commits to their recovery and to their lives. She believes that there are many pathways to recovery, success, and happiness. The key is finding what will work for the individual, then nurturing them with positive affirmation and  unconditional love.